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We are the leader in Blockchain Traceability Solutions and the founder of the first public blockchain specifically for product traceability. With our solutions, customers are less than 30 minutes away from traceability on the blockchain.


The Traceability Blockchain API lets application developers across industries add traceability to any application easily with no upfront cost. If you need it faster, you can start tracing products in minutes using our plaform with Microsoft Excel uploads.

The Traceability Blockchain

The Traceability Blockchain is a public Blockchain platform designed specifically for product traceability. It uses the fundamental technologies and algorithums behind the original Satoshi Blockchain to provide complete product traceability.

Companies and Solution Providers can include Blockchain in their products using the easy to use REST API and Excel, CSV, and XML uploads.

The Traceability Blockchain

Revolutionary Blockchain Platform

A Public Blockchain designed specifically to provide complete traceability for supply chain, manufacturing, and product safety.

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Traceability Blockchain API

Add Traceability to Any Application

Provide complete traceability using our simple API. Supports real-time REST API or batch uploads using Excel, CSV, and XML.

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Excel / Direct Blockchain Interface

Software as a Service

Consultants providing Supply Chain and Product Safety expertise can offer clients an easy to use Excel interface to get clients on the Blockchain quickly and easily.

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Tritanium Blockchain Tools

Enterprise Tritanium

Enterpise Tritanium offers the Traceability Blockchain as a permission blockchain to provide "black box" traceability to support enterprise solutions.

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Block Explorer

Visit the Tritanium Traceability Blockchain Explorer to see current blockchain status and transaction levels.

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Mining Pool

Join the Tritanium Traceability Blockchain and help protect the blockchain by verifying block using the Tritanium Mining Pool.

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Use Cases

Product Safety

Traceability Blockchain provides a faster way to identify and trace outbreaks and product recalls.

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Historical transaction data provided by the Blockchain can help to verify the authenticity of assets and prevent fraud.

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The Traceability Blockchain provides a way for different platforms and proprietary systems communicate effectively.

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Industries Affected

Food & Beverage

The Food & Beverage industries require traceability for food safety, supply chain efficiency, product authenticity, and responsible sourcing of ingredients. The Traceability Blockchain works with existing solutions for food safety and supply chain to offer the additional benefits provided by Blockchain technologies.

Within the Food and Beverage industries traceability is also important for Produce, Seafood, Packaged Goods, and other specify categories.


Traceability, management of the supply chain, and proof of authenticity are critical components of manufacturing systems. The Traceability Blockchain works with existing manufacturing systems and processes to provide the benefits provided by Blockchain technologies.

Manufacturing industries that can benefit from the Blockchain include Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Fabication, Medical, and Oil & Gas.


Traceability is important in retail industries to make the supply chain visible to prove authenticity and prove reliable sourcing. Blockchain data can be associated "paperwork" that is also protected and authenticated by the Traceability Blockchain.

The Traceability Blockchain uses the GS1 standard for product identification including GTIN and UPC numbers.


The Traceability Blockchain supports tracking products across the healthcare supply chain to eliminate counterfeit healthcare products, increase patient safety and comply with regulations.

Using the Traceability Blockchain in healthcare enables companies and regulators to see the movement of prescription drugs or medical devices across the supply chain. Products can be traced backwards to identify the history of the transfers and locations of the product, from the point of manufacture onwards. Products can be tracked forward to see the intended route of products towards the point of care.

Transport & Logistics

Transportation and Logistics overlaps other traceability solutions since it is required for most industries. As a manufacturer, retailer or logistics service provider, it is important to know the transport history of shipments of goods including, where they have come from, and when and where they arrived.

Farm Ledger

Food Ledger

Integration API Plans

Software Developers

per tx
  • API Explorer
  • No Upfront Cost
  • Pay per Transaction


  • Get Started in Minutes
  • Upload Data using Excel and CSV
  • Unlimited Uploads/Transactions
  • Easy to Use


  • Permission Blockchain
  • High Speed "Black Box" Traceability
  • Supports RFID & IoT
  • Unlimited Scalability


Food Safety / Traceability

Traceability is required by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).


Ensure the source of all medications.

Product Authenticity

Ensure Products are authentic by tracing their source on the blockchain.


Trace the source of all the parts used to manufacture any product.


Product traceability is a requirement throughout the healthcare industry.


Track the history of documents and data on the immutable ledger.


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