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We experts in IT Automation using traditional database management systems combined with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We offer a variety of services to enable you improve productivity and reduce IT and labor costs.


We develop complex IT systems with a focus on desktop and mobile applcations using Oracle, Angular, Python & R.

AI/ML Strategy

Our experts can help you develop your Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence strategy and integrate it into your business.


We don't only develop complex systems, we also provide the tech saavy talent necessary operate complex systems supporting AI and ML.

Tech Support

Our experienced support team can be your offsite technical support resource supporting your on-site and remote workers.

Big Data / EDA

Our expert data analysts can help make sense of your Big Data using advanced Exploritory Data Analysis (EDA) techniques

Remote Administration

Our expert Oracle DBAs, AWS Administrators, and Azure Administrators can remotely admin your platforms at a fraction of the cost.‚Äč

Graphic Design

We provide graphic design services include printing brochures, banners and logos to support your business presence.

Marketing & Promotion

As part of our outsourcing capabilities we provide a variety of promotional techniques and methods that can boost your company.

A Few Words About Us

We were originally founded in 1994 as Software Dynamics, a staff augmentation and development oursourcing company. Over the years we focused on projects that were too complex for most businesses to do on their own.

We have a wide range of experience, expertise and tools to create and implement your software applcations and big data analytics, along with building AI and ML models that can do things traditional computer systems could never do..

Who We Are

Jean Thompson

PR Manager

Brian Payne

Marketing Expert

Nathan Porter

CEO, Founder


Lawrence Alvarado

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