Add External Traceability to your Products and Services

The Traceability Blockchain lets solution providers add internal, external, and complete traceability to their products without changing the way the products operate.

The Blockchain provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows products to record traceability data on the blockchain without adding additional software. The API can be used in real-time to post transactions as they are created or in batch using CSV, XML, or Excel uploads.

The data science behind the Traceability Blockchain acheives the proper balance between storing information on the blockchain and in private systems. Data stored on the Blockchain is hashed using one-way functions acheiving complete traceability without exposing proprietary information.

Types of Traceability

External Traceability: provides the ability to track products across locations and ownership on the supply chain.

Internal Traceability: provides the ability to track products within a location or when the product changes forms or become ingrediants used in other products.

Complete Traceability: combines External and Internal traceability to track products across supply chain locations and product forms. For Example: Complete traceability of a shipment of onions would also include tracing all the products where the onions were used.

Why the Traceability Blockchain is Necessary

The Traceability Blockchain provdes a way for companies with private solutions and solution providers to work together to provide complete traceability. The technologies behind the blockchain make it the perfect tool for traceability. The Traceability Blockchain allows the technology to be shared equally while protecting the intellectual property of solution providers and the data of client companies.

The Traceability Blockchain supports the use of permission blockchain platforms like hyperledger and cloud based solutions to provide black-box traceability to store proprietary data off the main chain.

Cross Platform Traceability

  • Lets Traceability Platforms Work Together
  • Supports Proprietary Platforms
  • Post Only Data Required for Traceability
  • Data Hashed with One-Way Functions
  • Links Back to Existing Systems

Provides the Benefits of Blockchain

  • Trust & Transparency
  • Proof of Authenticity
  • Immutable Ledger
  • Low Cost Distributed Ledger

Flexible Interface

  • Real Time REST API
  • Batch Processing API
  • Excel and CSV Uploads