What is the Traceability Blockchain?

The Traceability Blockchain is a public Blockchain platform designed specifically for Traceability. It uses all the fundamental technologies and algorithums behind the original Satoshi Blockchain to create complete product traceability.

The key to achieving traceability with the Blockchain is the way data is stored within transactions on the blockchain. The Traceability Blockchain establishes the additional technologies and processes necessary to trace products instead of cryptocurrency using the blockchain.

The Traceability Blockchain provides an easy to use Application Programming Interface (API) that lets companies and solution providers in any industry the blockchain within their products.

The Challenge to Achieving Complete Traceability

The primary challenge in traceability is tracking a product across ownership, locations, and the software platforms that support each step of the supply chain. A product may enter a location as one product and leave the location transformed into another product or as a component of another product. The need for a shared platform that can trace products across the supply chain while communicating with every platform involved, is the main challenge of complete traceability.

How the Traceability Blockchain Achieves Traceability

The Traceability Blockchain provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that bridges the gap between programming with traditional technologies and the Blockchain. Companies and software programs post the minimum about of data required to trace products the product they receive, transform, and ship. The traceability data is hashed using crpytography and posted to the blockchain as a series of inputs and outputs. Within the blockchain every asset contains the inputs used to create the asset, and the outputs recording all places the asset was transfered or used.

Custom Public Blockchain

  • Built specifically for Traceability
  • Built Specifically for Traceability
  • Based on CryptoNote Technologies
  • 300,000+ Blocks

Blockchain Technologies

  • Distributed Ledger
  • No Central Authority
  • Protected by Cryptography
  • Immutable Ledger
  • Confirms Authenticity

Transfer of Assets

  • Uses UTxO Algorithum
  • Modified for Products
  • Chain of Transactions
  • Inputs and Outputs

Add to Any Application

  • Any Industry
  • Supports Existing Traceability Platforms
  • Flexible Interface Options
  • No Additional Software Required

Works with other Platforms

  • Works with Existing Platforms
  • Black Box Traceability
  • Supports Permissioned Blockchains
  • Supports Industry Specific Requirements