Transportation on the Traceability Blockchain

The Traceability Blockchain is ideally suited to the transportation industry. As a technology Blockchain allows people/companies who often don’t really know or trust one another to engage in commerce. The Traceability Blockchain lets companies and solution provider put the information necessary for cross-location traceability onto a single platform.

With the Traceability Blockchain, transportation companies and their customers have everything they need to know about their shipments and transactions in one place. Since the Blockchain provides a trusted source for data, they know the information is reliable because of the security of the distributed ledgers.

There is much more to the technologies required for transporation and logistics than the Blockchain provides but the Traceability Blockchain makes it possible for other technologies to work effectively together.

Technologies like RFID or IoT/telematics can be used to capture data that is put on the Blockchain or stored in CSOs. A Cryptographically Secure Object (CSO) is a set of data such as documents or data too big to be stored directly on the Blockchain but still needs to be protected and authenticated by the Blockchain.

Internal Traceability - Blockchain

  • Traceability within a Location
  • Transformation of Produce as it is Processed.
  • Transformation of Produce as it is used as Ingredients.
  • Transformation of Produce as it is Repackaged.

External Traceability - Blockchain

  • Traceability Across Locations / Owners
  • Identification when a Product changes Forms
  • Traceability of Transportation of Data

Complete Traceability

  • Ability to Trace Produce Across the Entire Supply Chain
  • No matter where it goes
  • No matter what it becomes

Traceability Blockchain

  • Supports Complete Traceability
  • Ensures Authenticity with Anchored Objects
  • Works across Solution Providers
  • Supports other Blockchain Initiatives
  • Available NOW!

Product Integration

The Traceability Blockchain provides a REST API that allows software products to interact with the Blockchain without installing any new software. The Blockchain also supports uploading data using Excel Workbooks or CSV files for an indirect integration with other products. Excel and CSV uploads may be the fastest way for some product to being traceability on the Blockchain.

The YouTube video below is the best explanation we found about REST APIs so we posted it.