How GS1 Standards are used in the Traceability Blockchain

GS1 standards play an important role in the Traceability Blockchain. In order to effectively trace products across multiple industries standards are critical to data integrity.

The data science behind traceability requires standardized numbering systems that allow products to be easily identified.

Global Location Number (GLN)

  • The GLN can be hashed with the Blockchain Address when multiple businesses share an address
  • Built Specifically for Traceability
  • Based on CryptoNote Technologies
  • 300,000+ Blocks

Global Trace Identification Number (GTIN)

  • Critical in the Formation of Asset Identifiers
  • Hashed with Lot # and Address to Create Asset ID

Global Shipment Identification Number (GSIN)

  • Used to provide traceability by Shipment
  • Used to Automatically Create Parallel Traceability

Serialized Shipment Container Code (SSCC)

  • Used to provide Traceability by Container