Problems with Data on Blockchain

  • Many Copies of the Data Maintained
  • Dramatically Increases the Workload to Create Blocks.
  • Private Data on the Public Blockchain

Cryptographically Secure Objects

  • Supports Data Too Big for the Blockchain
  • Point in Time Version of Documents and Data
  • Assures Authenticity of Data
  • May be Public or Private Data

CSO Storage

  • Optionally Encrypted using Public/Private Key
  • Stored on One Mr more Host Computers
  • Hashed using SHA-256
  • Hash Included in the Blockchain Ledger
  • Provides Immutability Through Validation


  • A Data Hash Included on the Blockchain
  • If the Data Changes, the Hash changes
  • Ensures Point in Time Authenticity
  • Includes Directions to Find the CSO