Chemical Industry on the Traceability Blockchain

The Chemical and Plastics industries benefit from the Traceability Blockchain because it allows both traceability as a product moves and traceability of processes and components used to transform a product. The complexity of the supply chain also includes packaging, so both consumers and industry must trust the packaging supply chain, as well as the product itself.

The Traceability Blockchain eliminates the guesswork of plastic packaging supply chain.

Internal Traceability - Blockchain

  • Traceability within a Location
  • Transformation of Produce as it is Processed.
  • Transformation of Produce as it is used as Ingredients.
  • Transformation of Produce as it is Repackaged.

External Traceability - Blockchain

  • Traceability Across Locations / Owners
  • Identification when a Product changes Forms
  • Traceability of Transportation of Data

Complete Traceability

  • Ability to Trace Produce Across the Entire Supply Chain
  • No matter where it goes
  • No matter what it becomes

Traceability Blockchain

  • Supports Complete Traceability
  • Ensures Authenticity with Anchored Objects
  • Works across Solution Providers
  • Supports other Blockchain Initiatives
  • Available NOW!